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Los Angeles by photographer Jason Joseph

Robin was born and raised in Los Angeles California. He began his love affair with drums at 6 years old, playing on boxes, pots and pans and then graduating to a drum kit at the age of 8. During Jr. High he was playing in multiple bands, garages and backyard parties; eventually graduating to the L.A. club scene. After high school he attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood California, under the PIT program. It was there that he studied with top session drummers and teachers Ray Luzier, Joe Pocaro, Ralph Humphries, and Fred Dinkens to name a few.

Robin has an innate feel for emotional rock ‘n’ roll drumming. I’ve produced multiple hit records with him, and the experience is always amazing. We are always on the same page.
— Producer Howard Benson

After graduating MI Robin began playing and recording with local artists in L.A. and then soon-after hitting the road. For Robin being on the road was not just about playing live, it was an opportunity to cultivate relationships with other musicians, singers, songwriters and producers who would later call upon him to record drums for their projects. From there it grew from one record then another, to having songs all over the radio; to having his recordings played all over the world.
Not bad for a career that started on boxes, pots and pans!

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And They Came...

by Indroves

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Robin Has Laid Tracks For/worked with The Following

Bauhaus/Peter Murphy
\Keith Urban:Universal/Guitar,
Monkey music
Mark Thwiat
Billy Corgan
Chris Cornell: Interscope
Courtney Love: Independent
Chris Daughtry: RCA
One Direction: RCA
3Doors Down: Universal
Brittney Spears /Jive
Kiss “Psycho Circus”(Demos) : Mercury
Danzig: American/Sony
Avril Lavigne: Arista
Transit Radio: Independent
Sugar Rush: Interscope
Jung Joon Young
Sara Kelly: Gotee Records
Point Defiance: Independent
Summer Rose: Ruckus Entertainment
Bloodsimple: Reprise/Warner Brothers

Kelly Clarkson: RCA
Theory of a Deadman: “Gasoline” Roadrunner/604
Ginger Wildheart: Independent
Simple Plan: RCA
Lee De Wyse: RCA
Kris Allen: Jive
Allison Iraheta: Jive
David Cook: RCA
Outernational : Warner Brothers
Justin Lanning: Universal
Yellow Fever: Warner Brothers
Lights Over Paris: Type One Records
Future Villains: Independent
Rachel Page: Interscope
April Sixth: Sony/Columbia
Theory of a Deadman “self titled”: Roadrunner/604
Terry B: “My Ruin” Cleopatra Records
Trapt: Warner Brothers
Closure: TVT
InDroves: Independent

Theory of a Deadman: ” Scars and Souvenirs”: Roadrunner
Nick Black: Black Eye Records
Hinder: “Take it to the Limit” Universal
Ace Enders & a Million Different People: Drivethru Records
Rev Theory: Interscope
Lesley Roy: Jive
Adelitasway: Interscope
Nikka Costa: Gofunkyourself Records
I-Nine: J records/Arista
Faber: 604 Records
Scott Fairbairn: BMG
Hinder:  “self titled” Universal
Anna Waronker: Five Foot Two Records
Evol Walks: Independent, 
Supercreep: Universal
Liars Inc: Sony/Columbia/Foodchain
Mercy Me
Bloodsimple: Reprise/Warner Brothers

I’ve been working with Robin for ten years now, and we’ve had many hit records together. He’s my go-to guy for all the big projects I do, because he’s the most creative drummer I’ve ever worked with. He always comes up with an interesting spin on the songs. The beats he lays down are actually hooks that bring the tune to life. He’s also a songwriter, and that’s one of the reasons that he plays for the song and not just to impress other drummers. He’s usually a one- or two-take guy, and he has a knack for making grooves feel good. And he owes me huge for hooking him up with his beautiful wife.”
— Producer Brian Howes

Overhead view

Producers Robin Has Worked With

Ross Hogarth

Sean Gould

Howard Willing

Brian Howes 

Warren Riker

Jerry Finn

Mike Plotnikoff

Chris Johnson

Mike Fraser

Ben Gross

Toby Gad

Ched Toliver

Kosta Lois

JJ Blair

Ginger Wildheart

Joey Moi

Mike Clink

Randy Staub

Chad Kroeger 

Bruce Fairbairn

Skip Saylor 

Scott Humphries

Matt Hyde

Justin Stanley

Mark Weinberg

GGGarth Richardson 

Howard Benson

David Holman

Robin Diaz eats, sleeps and breathes drums. His passion on-stage is infectious, and he always plays from the heart. And that’s all a front-man could ever ask for from his drummer.
— Chris Daughtry

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